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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Holiday Park Management, ParcVu functions & features and helpful tips within our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is ParcVu?

ParcVu is the UK’s most trusted Park Management Software, enabling you to manage your business more effectively with our leading Management Software Solutions for the Holiday Home and Parks industry.

World-class developers and a team of incredible ex-park personnel have created our software. Combining over 35 years of industry experience and know-how, ParcVu is the most reliable and effective system to support all your Holiday Park Management needs.

Our goal is to help you run your business more effectively, so you can focus on what matters, making sure your guests have a great time whilst they’re at your park.

I’m just a small park. Is ParcVu right for me?

This is one of the most common misconceptions we hear at ParcVu. No park is too big or small! Whether you’re running a small, intimate park with 50 pitches or a massive resort with 20,000+ pitches, we’ve got you covered.

I’ve already got a CRM. Why do I need ParcVu?

We’re so much more than just a CRM; we know your needs because we’ve been in your shoes. Our Park Management software differs from other CRM systems because we’ve used our decades of industry knowledge and created a tailored solution for Holiday Parks.

The ParcVu platform combines customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities with business analytics and custom reporting tools to help owners and managers run their operations more efficiently. We aim to help you make better decisions while providing the tools you need to improve your Holiday Park.

Our CRM system allows you to manage your reservations, check-ins, and checkouts more quickly and easily. In addition, our customer portal allows you to view upcoming reservations in real-time, update contact information and more.

Do ParcVu produce reports for my Holiday Park?

With over 350 reports, and additional filters and functions, you can find anything you need to know about your business through the ParcVu software.

You can create all the documents you need for each booking by utilising the vast array of valuable reports. We are confident you will save both time and money while maximising revenue.  

Reports include, but are not limited to: 

  • Available Units  
  • Final Due Payments  
  • Arrivals List  
  • Departures List  
  • Cleaning List  
  • Cancellation List  
  • Bookings by Unit, Pitch, or Status and Value  
  • Outstanding Jobs  
  • Booking Tariff Reports  
  • Bookings by Source Code  
  • Year-on-Year Revenue Variance  

The best thing? You can run reports automatically and receive regular reports straight to your inbox.  

How long does it take to ‘go live’ with ParcVu?

We can have you up and running in as little as six weeks!

The whole process is project managed by ParcVu. We host an onboarding meeting to discuss the process and agree on a date to ‘go live’.

Our project management tool will populate dates that specific tasks must be completed by to achieve the target. We’ll discuss this with you as part of the onboarding strategy meeting, and then manage it.

Don’t worry; we won’t set ParcVu live until we are confident you are ready.

How much does it costs?

As you can imagine, no two parks are the same, but contact us today, and we’d be more than happy to give you a no-obligation demonstration to show you how ParcVu can benefit your Holiday Park. 

How do our clients use ParcVu?

Simple, you double-click the ParcVu app on your computer (Windows or Apple are both fine)!

The App connects you with all your precious information on customers, sales leads, meter readings, pitch fees, and so much more.

You access everything you need from here and manage your park amazingly well.

We even have some functions you can do straight from your phone (e.g. meter readings) to simplify life.

Can I connect ParcVu to other systems?

Yes! Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of third-party systems, including:  

  • Hoseasons 
  • Virbo 
  • Airbnb 
  • Pitched 
  • Pitchup 
  • and many more.   
How do I connect ParcVu to other systems?

With seamless integration to various third-party systems through APIs, we simplify the management of your Caravan Park, Holiday Park, or Campsite operations.

Let us handle the technicalities while you focus on maximising efficiency. 

Does it make a difference if my park management can connect to other systems?

Connecting park management software to other systems makes it easier for holiday park managers to manage their caravan park, holiday park, or campsite operations effectively. 

Get in touch with us today for a hassle-free experience. 

How long have you been around?

We’ve been dedicated to the Holiday Park industry for over 35 years and continue innovating in delivering new, improved, and exciting solutions that help parks run more efficiently and profitably.

The Holiday Park industry has changed dramatically over the last 35 years. ParcVu has led the way in delivering innovative solutions to allow holiday parks to remain efficient and grow as the industry changes. 

In 1988, our first customer went live and is still a customer today!  

What is ParcVu’s appointment management tool?

ParcVu’s appointment calendar offers a comprehensive look at potential sales opportunities, enabling sales staff to make informed decisions.

Our secure and effective appointment management tool simplifies the process, ensuring you never miss an opportunity! 

What features does ParcVu have?

From software and business development to administration and customer support services, our capabilities encompass all the vital aspects needed to keep your park running smoothly.

If you would like to learn more about each feature, you can click here.

What are the benefits of ParcVu?

Reduce costs: ParcVu helps you streamline your processes and reduce human error. 

Increase Profits: Monitor sales and costs in one platform, updating prices easily when needed. 

Customer Experience: Communicate with customers through text (SMS) and email at the touch of a button 

When is the best time to update your system?

One of the best times to update your system is during the winter months when your holiday park is quieter or even shut!  

This allows your hard-working staff to adjust to the new system, lowering stress and ensuring everyone is well-informed. 

Who does ParcVu work with? Can I see some examples?

Of course, head to our case studies page to see some of the fantastic Holiday Parks we work with, including Hoburne, Barkers Leisure and many more.

Over 350 Parks currently use ParcVu as their preferred Management Software, overseeing 150,000 individual pitches – so you can be confident that you and your customer are in good hands. 


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Over 350 Parks currently use ParcVu as their preferred Management Software, overseeing 150,000 individual pitches – so you can be certain that you and your customer are in good hands. Take a look below to see how we solved some of those Park’s issues.


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