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Trusted by Holiday Park Owners for Over 35 Years

For more than 35 years, Holiday Park owners have placed their trust in us as industry pioneers, relying on our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, enhanced, and dynamic solutions.

Dedicated to the Holiday Park industry since 1988

We’ve been dedicated to the Holiday Park industry for over 35 years and continue to be an innovator in delivering new, improved, and exciting solutions that help parks run more efficiently and profitably. 

The Holiday Park industry has changed dramatically over the last 35 years, and ParcVu has led the way in delivering state-of-the-art solutions to make them more efficient. In 1988, our first customer went live and is still a customer today!

We are continuing to lead the way in providing cutting-edge solutions that are changing the face of Park Management, and we are always adding new features and benefits to our system. Whether you’re running a small, intimate park with 50 pitches or a massive resort with 20,000+ pitches, we’ve got you covered.

Advancing the Leisure Industry through Innovative Holiday Park Management

With our mission and vision at the core of our operations, we strive to become the leading provider of Holiday Park Management solutions in the industry.

Our Mission

To advance the leisure industry with the most complete, intuitive and trusted Holiday Park Management platform.

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We believe that a well-managed Holiday Park can offer unforgettable experiences to its guests, and we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that simplify running Holiday Parks.

Our thorough understanding of the needs of the leisure industry and the challenges faced by Holiday Park owners and operators allows us to create a platform that streamlines Holiday Park management, enhances operational efficiency, and boosts profitability.

With this commitment to excellence, we aim to be the go-to provider of innovative park management solutions in the leisure industry.

Our Vision

To positively impact our team, our clients and their customers with solutions that make running Holiday Parks easier, more efficient and more profitable.

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We understand the challenges faced by park owners and operators, and our comprehensive and intuitive Holiday Park Management platform is designed to simplify operations, streamline processes, and optimise resources.

By leveraging our expertise and technology, we empower our clients to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, creating lasting memories and ensuring their satisfaction.

Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we strive to make a significant and meaningful difference in the leisure industry, transforming the way Holiday Parks are managed and experienced.

Experience and Leadership at ParcVu

At ParcVu, our Senior Team combines decades of industry experience and specialised skills to provide comprehensive solutions for Holiday Parks across the UK. Get to know our accomplished leaders and discover the knowledge and vision behind our innovative software solutions.


James Wilbraham

Co-Owner & Director

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James originally joined ParcVu to set up the London office and kick-start the redevelopment of the Bourne Leisure System in 2000. After a career break in 2007, James returned back to ParcVu in 2011. Lucky us!

Favourite ParcVu product/feature? All of the ParcVu Online features. I love the flexibility and accessibility of the online platform and am really excited about our plans for the growth and development of the platform over the next few years.

Advice you would give your 20-year-old self? Make the most of opportunities that come up. Have the confidence to push yourself.


Andrew Cressey

Co-Owner & Director

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How long have you been part of the ParcVu family? Since 2016-although, I have been a client of ParcVu for over 20 years before joining the business.

What else have you done in your working career? I was a Royal Navy Engineer from the age of 16. Then in 1991, I joined the holiday park industry. I spent 25 years working on holiday parks, and the last 17 of those as a Park General Manager. That real-life experience allows me to support our clients in a superior way because I have done their job and walked in their shoes. That is a real advantage for both parties. 

Our recruitment focuses not only on the very best developers but also on exceptionally good park operators, of which we have now recruited several. Clients don’t just get a leading software platform; they get consultancy at no extra cost!


Dave Prall

Co-Owner & Director

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How long have you been part of the ParcVu family? Since 2018 – although I’ve been using ParcVu software and working alongside the team for nearly 20 years.

What else have you done in your working career? My professional journey began at a marketing firm in London, where I worked before taking on a seasonal position at Bourne Leisure. This opportunity opened doors for me, and I spent a decade with the company in different capacities. My roles included Accounts, Financial/Systems Reporting, Holiday Home Stock Management, and Sales Support.

In 2011, I joined Park Resorts as the head of Sales Support and Sales Processing, where I assisted 73 parks. I also oversaw the development of the ParcVu system. In 2018, I became part of the ParcVu Systems team. My experience in the industry has helped me onboard new clients and understand the needs of ParcVu’s clients better.


Aled Hughes

Co-Owner & Director

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How long have you been part of the ParcVu family? I joined ParcVu in October 2011. I can’t believe that was 11 years ago now!

Favourite ParcVu product/feature? The “new” Park Booking Overview
screen – mainly as I did it!

Life before ParcVu? I worked as a Senior Developer for a local authority in North Wales, working on the software to support the running of the call centre and
back-office systems. Before that, University.

Comprehensive Solutions for Park Management

ParcVu offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to simplify and optimise Holiday Park Management processes. Our industry-leading Holiday Management software provides a centralised platform for managing bookings, reservations, inventory, and financials.

Our innovative pitch booking system, holiday booking system, and other offerings provide significant benefits for Holiday Park owners. Our solutions provide valuable data insights that enable park owners to optimise pitch allocation, pricing structures, and other operational aspects, resulting in increased revenue and improved efficiency.

Additionally, our comprehensive Park Management software includes features to effectively manage park facilities, automate administrative tasks, and enhance communication with guests, allowing owners to provide exceptional customer service and a seamless holiday experience.

Our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party systems like Hoseasons, Virbo, Air BnB, Pitched, Pitch up, etc., making it easier for Holiday Park managers to manage their Caravan Park, Holiday Park or Campsite effectively.

How ParcVu has evolved


Potts Mularkey started work on a Park Management System for Bourne Leisure


Bourne Leisure commissioned a rewrite of their Plot Management System in the framework


Parkdean commissioned a Park Management System


Park Resorts commissioned a Park Management System


Siblu Park commissioned a Park Management System


The ParcVu application was created to provide a generic Park Management solution for all holiday parks regardless. of their size


The First ParcVu customer goes live


Work starts creating an Integrated Booking System into ParcVu


Park Dean and Park Resorts merge into Park Dean Resorts and a combined Park Management System is commissioned


The PottsMullarkey partnership is incorporated into ParcVu Systems Limited


In 2020, ParcVu Systems was bought by 4 directors, all of whom were working at ParcVu at the time


ParcVu functions and features come from over 35 years of industry knowledge and our deep involvement with Park operators.